Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Practical Tips for Caring Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become common to create instant, beauty long hairs for women of all ages whether it’s for special occasions such as wedding or parties or it’s for daily makeover. With all the different types and styles available on today’s market, understanding a bit about hair extensions can save you time and money especially besides you will look prettier. Most people prefer human hair extensions since they are normally easier to care for than others out there. Using hair extensions is a great way to have long hairstyles without waiting months for your own hair to grow. If you are considering hair extensions for wedding hairstyles or prom hairstyles there are a few things you should know.

The way that hair extensions are applied is very important. It does not hurt! There is a track made with your own hair by creating a same braid. Then the hair extensions are actually sewn to your own hair track. This track commonly called a corn-row by hair stylists runs horizontally around the back of your head. These tracks are done in the middle of the scalp where no one will be able to see them.

For all prom hairstyles and wedding hairstyles, the crown area of your hair will cover the top track. According to how many wefts you decide on will be how many tracks you will need for the long hairstyles. Also according to how much hair you need to create the wedding hairstyles or prom hairstyles will determine how many tracks you need. After the hair stylist has created the tracks, the human hair extensions or hair extensions of your chose will be sewn to the tracks. Then the hair will be blended into your own hair. The hair extensions will now be treated like your own hair.

Besides hair extensions, you could change your hairstyles easily with wigs too. Lace front wigs are particularly liked by most of women. It takes much less time to wear a wigs than hair extensions, but wigs may not look as naturally as hair extensions do.

To care for your hair extension you should treat it exactly like you do your normal hair. However, if you could not grow long hair previous for all those long hairstyles you desired you might not have been caring for your hair for new hair growth. Here are a few tips to help you care for your hair extensions so you can always have the long and glamorous hair you deserve for all the prom hairstyles or any long hairstyle you choose.

You should always wash, condition and moisturize your hair, including your human hair extension every 2 to 3 days. Your hair extensions will not receive the natural scalp oils so you will need to add moisturizing to your routine. If you do not remember to moisturize your hair extensions, they will become brittle which can cause them to break easily, leaving you with ratty and split ends.

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